Stake ETH

Ethereum is one of the most widely accepted cryptocurrencies. In the AAVE Staking App, staking ETH is simple and secure, offering you the chance to earn rewards in a new and exciting way.

Stake AAVE

AAVE, as a native token, is accepted in our staking service. With a favorable rate of return and user-friendly platform, staking AAVE with us is an easy choice to make.

Stake ABPT

Why keep your ABPT idle when you can be earning rewards? With just a few clicks in the AAVE Staking App, you can stake your ABPT and start earning immediately.

Stake USDT

Staking USDT, one of the most stable cryptocurrencies, is a smart way to earn passive income. Use AAVE Staking App's user-friendly interface to seamlessly stake your USDT.

Stake DAI

The AAVE Staking App supports DAI, a stablecoin that tracks the US dollar. Securely stake your DAI and generate passive income effortlessly.


Looking for a quick, easy, and reliable way to swap cryptocurrencies? Look no further. With AAVE Swap, you can swap tokens directly from within the application at competitive rates.

Stake USDC

For a secure and hassle-free experience, stake your USDC using the AAVE Staking App. Enjoy great return rates and the flexibility to unstake at any time.


Maximize your MATIC token's potential by staking them in the AAVE Staking App. Enjoy competitive staking rates, accessible account management, and reliable customer support.

Stake BNB

Turn your BNB tokens into an investment with AAVE Staking. Our app's user-friendly interface allows you to stake with ease and grow your portfolio passively.

AAVE Token

AAVE Token is at the heart of our ecosystem. With numerous uses including staking and governance, owning AAVE tokens empowers you to be a part of our community.


How to stake on AAVE app?

To stake using the AAVE app, first ensure you have funds in the relevant cryptocurrency in your wallet. Go to the 'staking' page in the app and select the currency you wish to stake. Enter the amount, accept the terms and conditions, and hit the 'Stake now' button.

Why should I stake with AAVE app?

Staking with AAVE app allows you to earn passive income through the process of cryptomining. It offers various staking options with competitive rates. Plus, AAVE app has a user-friendly interface, making staking easy even for beginners.

Is AAVE App secure?

Security is our priority! AAVE App is designed with advanced security measures which include two-factor authentication and encryption to keep your assets secure.

How to use AAVE App?

Using AAVE App is easy. Download the app from your respective app store, sign-up for an account, choose your preferred currency, deposit it in your wallet and start staking!